An attempt to bring the World Cup 2017 to JAPAN

We think we world like to collect many individuals and groups that can cooperate to achieve our aim to have the first WDF World Cup in Japan.
The WDF World Cup is a dream stage for the amateur darts players.

JSFD is supporting the welfare sports “Board Darting”

Board Darting is a new darts uses a board that is divided into 10 segments, originated in Nishinomiya, Hyogo in 1999.
It was started as a darts that many people from all different generations can have fun.
If you are interested in it, please contact to the principal contact.

How to entry from foreign countries

Please download the PDF (the information form) and fill in the blanks.
Then, send it to the Principal Contact.
We will welcome your participation; World Darts Buddies!

Tournament Schedule

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Principal Contact

Tsuyoshi Yamazaki
E-mail :

Chair Person

Takajiro Terajima
E-mail :